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Travel with peace of mind: before your flight

RT-PCR test to be performed within 3 days before your departure.

Visuel hôtesse test PCR covid-19



  • RT-PCR screening for Covid-19 is mandatory for all passengers aged 11 and over 3 days before their flight.
  • Passengers who have not been tested beforehand or who have tested positive for Covid-19 will not be allowed to fly.A second Covid-19 RT-PCR test is recommended 7 days after arrival. Adherence to a prophylactic sanatorium is also recommended (isolation at home or in a place of one's choice for 7 days).
  • Covid-19 testing remains mandatory even for vaccinated passengers . 


For your departure, do not forget to bring the results of your Covid-19 screening.


From France

bulle simple test PCR





Air Caraïbes simplifies your procedures so that you can perform the RT-PCR screening test with complete peace of mind before your departure!
 In partnership with BIOGROUP laboratories, we provide you with a call center that will direct you to the nearest laboratory or laboratories to allow you to easily perform the RT-PCR screening without an appointment. 

Tel: +33(0)1 76 21 57 76 (toll-free number)
Calling hours: Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm and Saturday from 9am to 12pm - Paris time.


Visuel infirmière

Perform your screening test
RT-PCR at Paris Orly 4

You can perform, if you wish, your Covid-19 RT-PCR screening test at the Paris Orly 4 laboratory, open 7 days a week from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., and receive your results as soon as possible (within 24h).

You can get tested without a medical prescription before you leave, in one of BIOGROUP's analysis laboratories.




You will find in this list the laboratories open on weekends to perform RT-PCR screening.  


bulle gratuit test PCR


Upon presentation of your plane ticket or your reservation, the examination is fully covered at 100% by the Health Insurance.


bulle rapide test PCR

Within the framework of this partnership, BIOGROUP laboratories will make their best efforts to send you the results of your test after the sample has been taken (within 24 hours).

Samples as well as their transfer and analysis are carried out under the full and entire responsibility of BIOGROUP. In no case can the company be held liable for this fact, and in particular for exceeding the time limit, which may be extended due to changes in the health situation.

bulle fiable test PCR

The Covid-19 RT-PCR screening test is currently one of the most reliable.
If the result of your test is positive, you cannot take the plane.

Discover our memo on the delays of the RT-PCR test.

Antigenic screening test

Antigen tests performed less than 2 days before departure are also accepted by our company.

AOKpass application

Simplify your steps related to Covid-19 screening before your departure.

The AOKpass application allows you to certify and store your Covid-19 screening test results without infringing on the confidentiality of your personal health data.


With this application, you will no longer have to present the paper results of your RT-PCR test. You will receive them directly on your cell phone in a secure way and you will be able to present at the airport only the QR Code generated by the AOKpass application.