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Travel with peace of mind: Travel for unaccompanied children

Nouvelles mesures préventives sanitaires liées  au voyage des enfants non accompagnés (UM)


In the context of the current health situation, new preventive measures have been put in place by Air Caraïbes so that unaccompanied children (UM) can travel safely : 


Fille masque

  • The reservation of UM is only possible on our direct flights.


  • The parent or legal guardian accompanying the child must have all the mandatory documents requested for the minor's travel such as : 

               - The child's valid passport and a possible visa depending on the destination.
               - A photocopy of the passport of the parent or legal guardian who signed it.
               - A certificate of release of responsibility.

               - Authorization to leave the territory signed by one of the parents with parental authority.


To prepare your unaccompanied child's trip, please do not hesitate to consult our website.



Fille masque 2

  • Unaccompanied children are also subject to compliance with the preventive health measures imposed on all passengers travelling from France to the French West Indies: -

    - The RT-PCR screening of Covid-19 is mandatory for children from 11 years old. However, there is no minimum age to perform the RT-PCR screening test. It is advised to contact the child's doctor if the child is under 11 years old..
    - Declaration of absence of symptoms of Covid-19.
    - Attestation of travel for compelling reasons only to go to French Guyana.


We are happy to welcome children travelling alone on board our planes!

All these measures are likely to evolve according to the sanitary situation.