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Health status Coronavirus

In the face of the spread of the Coronavirus, the health of our passengers and crews remains our top priority!

Dear customers,

Public authorities have taken decisions that impose strict travel restrictions in response to the global health crisis of VIDOC-19 and that therefore have an impact on air transport as a whole. Many countries have taken measures to confine populations, close borders, some airports only allow repatriation flights or are closed such as Paris-Orly airport from 31 March 2020. 

For this reason, Air Caraïbes will temporarily suspend operations from 28 March to 30 April 2020.

Air Caraïbes is a daily link between France and the ultramarine territories, as well as serving many destinations in the Caribbean arc, and an inter-island link via its regional network. We know how important these links are for all those who live in the Caribbean, but also for those who go there on holiday, visit family or friends, or travel for business reasons.
Today, the best way to preserve those ties and to address this global health crisis is for all of us to stay at home. Moving away for a while is the best way to quickly get back together again and strengthen the bonds that bind us together.

We will therefore remain on the ground temporarily, but we are already preparing our flight to ensure that anyone who wishes to travel with us again can do so when the time comes. We invite you to continue to follow us on our website and on our social networks. On our side, we will continue to hear from you and to give you news.

Take care of yourself,



- Its flight schedule is subject to change at any time given the operating conditions. 

- In a complicated context, Air Caraïbes strives to operate its flights between Paris and the Caribbean. Its flight schedule is subject to change at any time given the operating conditions. Flights to/from Haiti, Dominican Republic, Sint Maarten, Cuba and Guyana are interrupted.

- Following government decisions and since 18 March, only nationals or residents of EU, Schengen or UK territories will be accepted on entry into French territory.


Following the exceptional measures in force: FLIGHTS OF 03/27/ 2020 and 03/29/2020


FLIGHTS OF 03/29/2020

Last flight operated:

TX541 - Pointe-à-Pitre > Paris Orly 3 - departure 5.15pm - arrival 7.20am on 30/03


FLIGHTS OF 03/27/2020

Flights operated from the West Indies and Cuba (Havana) :

TX5615 - Fort-de-France > Paris Orly 3 - departure 21h25 - arrival 10h45 on 28/03
TX5629 - Havana > Paris Orly 3 - departure 8.55pm - arrival 10.55am on 28/03
TX5643 - Pointe-à-Pitre > Paris Orly 3 - departure 8.45pm - arrival 9.50am on 28/03



In this context of force majeure, Air Caraïbes must strictly apply the government decisions in force.
We are sincerely sorry for the various difficulties you are encountering.
All our teams are mobilized to ensure as much as possible the continuity of our operations.



Important flight information Paris Orly : West Indies - French Guiana
Following the government measures taken on the restrictions of air transport from / to Guadeloupe, Martinique and Guyana, Air Caraïbes informs you that only passengers whose reason for travel meets one of the 4 following conditions are allowed to travel : 

1/ Travel related to family reunification with children or dependents (students, dependents...).

2/ Travel related to professional obligations strictly necessary for the continuity of essential services.

3/ Travel related to health requirements.

4/ Travel related to the turnaround point for passengers returning home.


Important information regional flights 


All flights on our regional network are discontinued as of 25/03/2020.


TGV AIR route information:

However, TGV AIR customers are invited to take the TGVs on departure or arrival from Paris stations (Paris Est, Paris Nord, Paris Gare de Lyon or Paris Montparnasse) by enquiring about the trains still in circulation on the website

The SNCF authorizes them to take the TGV corresponding to their equivalent TGV AIR journey (for example a Bordeaux>Massy TGV becomes valid on a Bordeaux>Paris Montparnasse) with simply their travel memo of the day of their initial departure.
Please note that additional costs such as metro, taxi and accommodation are not covered by SNCF.


NavigAIR route information:
Due to the interruption of the inter-island rotations of L'Express des îles and CTM Deher, 
the company is no longer in a position to provide air navigation services. 


Information about our onboard service - transatlantic network :
As part of the health measures following the COVID-19 epidemic, we inform you that we will no longer be able to provide you with the usual meal services on board all our transatlantic flights as of Thursday 19 March. 
Sandwiches and non-alcoholic beverages will be distributed in all classes of travel. 
Duty-free sales will not be available either.




The current priority of our company is to still provide flights as much as possible to enable our customers to return home. 

Unfortunately, we are unable to deal with customer complaints at this time and we apologise for this. 

In the meantime, we are offering our customers who do not know their deferral date or have a limited validity date for their ticket, to benefit from a credit note valid for one year. 
If at the end of this period the credit note has not been used, the customer can request a refund.



- Due to the saturation of our central reservation system, only calls from passengers travelling within 72 hours or wishing to travel within 72 hours will be processed. We ask you to help us to process your files quickly. To do so, please prepare the new travel dates / destinations you wish to call before calling.

- Given the large number of calls and in order to respond to the numerous requests for modification and cancellation of trips, Air Caraïbes has decided to set up forms in order to process them as well as possible.

- If you wish to cancel your trip, please fill in the form:


- If you wish to modify your trip :


- In light of recent government decisions, we offer our customers who must travel on our long-haul network by May 15, 2020 to change their travel dates without penalty (but with a fare adjustment if necessary), regardless of the date of purchase of their plane ticket directly online on our website or our mobile application
Travel can thus be postponed within the limit of the validity of the tickets and throughout our network. 
Tickets are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

- For tickets on our regional network, the same measure applies for travel until 15 May 2020.

- For travellers at their turnaround point, wishing to anticipate their return this week or wishing to change their home airport (valid until 25 March 2020), we offer changes without charge and without fare readjustment in the same travel cabin.

- If you encounter any difficulties when making your changes online, you can always contact our reservations centre or your travel agency.


We thank you for your understanding