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Cuba Guide

Santiago de Cuba, ground zero of the revolution

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Santiago de Cuba, capital of the east, is the second largest city in Cuba. With its village-like feel, the city is a real jewel for lovers of colonial architecture.


The main historical monuments can be found in the eastern part of the city, between Caspedes park, Plaza de Dolores and Plaza de Marte. Santiago de Cuba is rich in history, home to some of the oldest city squares and museums on the island, such as the Casa de Diego Velasquez and the Bacardi Municipal Museum.

City in Cuba


Santiago de Cuba is also the perfect entry point to the breathtaking Sierra Maestra nature reserve. The city is situated at the end of a bay accessible by a narrow passage between the Caribbean sea and the Sierra Maestra mountains.


The city’s population is a colorful multicultural melting pot. Over the years the island has been home to communities with roots in Africa, Asia, India and even France, with French settlers being the first to introduce coffee culture to Cuba. The city also has a very pretty French quarter, Tivoli.

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