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Cuba Guide


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Located in the centre of the island of Cuba and capital of the province of Las Villas, Santa Clara is a modern and dynamic city, whose economy is mainly based on the exploitation of sugar cane.


The city is best known for the famous battle won by Ernesto Che Guevara. It attracts many tourists interested in the island’s history, who make their pilgrimage to the Plaza de la Revolucion. The city is an homage to the glory of Che, whose body rests in a mausoleum surmounted by a gigantic statue.

Urban view of Cuba


Santa Clara is also synonymous with tolerance. The city is known for its large community of intellectuals and for its "Mejunje", a famous club in which all genders are accepted without any judgment. It was the first city to become a tolerant space for the LGBTQ+ community, a starting point for tolerance throughout Cuba.

Santa Clara is a stopover town in the heart of a region that combines breathtaking landscapes and plains dotted with vast lakes.

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