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Located just south of Martinique, this small island has the Caribbean sea on its west coast and the Atlantic ocean on its east coast and is packed with idyllic beaches. A trip to Saint Lucia provides the perfect mix of relaxation and water sports. But that’s not its only selling points. Saint Lucia, part of the Windward Islands, is also a volcanic island covered in lush rainforests, making it a playground for nature lovers.

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Ever thought of extending your vacation to make the most of it? Visit Pointe-à-Pitre with its history museums and its streets full of surprises, then explore Castries with Air Caraïbes: period castles, aqueducts, quarries, vineyards and parks. By booking a Pointe-à-Pitre - Castries flight with Air Caraïbes, you can easily visit these two destinations and extend your vacation in one go. Air Caraïbes offers you exceptional services and a privileged treatment all at low prices.

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What makes Castries really stands out is its impressive historical heritage. Its imposing castle is an absolute must-see monument if you visit the city, with a magnificent roof, varnished tiles and large gilded facades. It is a Renaissance-style building, built in 1565 by Jacques de la Croix de Castries. The castle is surrounded by magnificent French gardens that are open to the public. If you continue your visit around the castle, you can admire the 6822-meter-long aqueduct which leads to the Fontgrand springs. The largest part of the aqueduct is called “the Grands Arcs”; a succession of some one hundred arches over a distance of 1200 meters. Castries is home to some charming little stone houses, galleries with gothic vaults and stone quarries and cliffs. Don’t forget to see the famous operational “Midi” stone quarries .

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If you want an easy way to of getting to Castries from Pointe-à-Pitre to continue enjoying your time on vacation, Air Caraïbes offers you impeccable services provided by our qualified staff. With Air Caraïbes, you no longer have to deal with tiring administrative formalities and can simply enjoy your vacation to the full. Book your Pointe-à-Pitre - Castries flight now with Air Caraïbes and enjoy an incredible vacation.


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