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Situated in the north of the Caribbean Sea, the Bahamas archipelago is nonetheless considered part of the Caribbean. The Bahamas archipelago comprises around 700 islands and islets, the Lucayes islands situated in the Atlantic Ocean. With 60% of the country’s total population, New Providence is the most populous island of the Bahamas. This island is also where the capital of the Bahamas is found: Nassau, which is not only the country’s commercial and cultural center but also your destination departing Paris with Air Caraïbes. Its cathedrals, 18th-century fortresses, and Victorian homes perpetuate the colonial heritage.

Paris - Nassau flight

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 Departing from Paris, our airline will take care of your trip to the San Salvador Airport, also known as Cockburn Town Airport (ZSA). After a stopover, you will just need to take a flight to Nassau, operated by Bahamasair. You can now enjoy a trip to Nassau. For your return journey to France, you will need to take a flight from Nassau to San Salvador, then a flight with Air Caraïbes to Paris.



A trip to the Bahamas means you can choose from 700 islands to discover a magnificent archipelago with blue lagoons and white, brown or pink sand beaches. The largest of its islands, Nassau, offers a more festive atmosphere with its festivals and events. Another side that the Bahamas has to offer is its exceptional nature. You can explore its marine flora and fauna or visit the parks and centers dedicated to its nature. Nassau and the rest of the islands in the Bahamas are an ideal place for a cheap vacation. Nassau and the Bahamas are waiting for you! 


The Bahamas’ 700 islands are grouped into 16 destinations, each with their own identity and style so you will have a range of different activities to choose from in Nassau.

Beaches, swimming and scuba diving:

With so many islands there is also a huge choice of beaches. You will have endless opportunities to go swimming or sunbathing. For more adventurous travelers, the Bahamas are known for having the best underwater visibility in the world. This means you can enjoy an exceptional underwater world by going scuba diving. In Grand Bahama, you can swim with sharks with Shark Diving. They offer scuba diving with sharks for a truly unforgettable experience. The island of Andros has the third largest coral reef in the world - a paradise for scuba divers. 


Bahamian cuisine is varied. Bahamian cuisine mostly uses spices, seafood and exotic fruits, delighting your taste buds with the country’s culinary traditions. Immerse yourself further into the culture and population of the Bahamas with Nassau’s large range of restaurants and hotels. 

Visit, Museum: 

Visit the Heritage Museum of the Bahamas in Nassau to discover more about the history of the island. Here, you can browse the collection’s items and artefacts, including a prehistoric meteorite. Each item is dedicated to a significant period in the history of the Bahamas, such as piracy, sea trade, slavery and the Second World War.  

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