Pass Zen

Ticket refund guarantee

pass zen

Available in

Soleil Caraïbes Madras


Until September 4, 2022, 15€ TTC per person instead of 20€ TTC per person.

When to buy?

When you purchase your airline ticket before departure.

Where to buy?

  • Sur le site web
  • Via the Air Caraïbes reservation center contact call center on departure from France or contact call center from the West Indies
  • At Air Caraïbes points of sale.
  • In travel agencies.


With the Zen Pass, your plane tickets are now refundable, without having to justify yourself. It is the guarantee of total serenity, whatever happens!

Terms of service


From this refund form.


Reimbursement of the price of the flight ticket (including airport taxes and fuel surcharges), associated VIP services, meals and special cases, Train + Air tickets, navigAIR, and connecting flights on the regional network (if included in the same reservation file). 


Cancellation of your flight ticket up to the day before departure of the first leg, at the point of sale where the ticket was purchased (Air Caraïbes points of sale or reservation center or your travel agency). This guarantee cannot be activated once your trip has begun. 


Penalty fees applied according to the cancellation delay:

  • Cancellation > 15 days before departure: 100€.

  • Cancellation < 14 days and up to 24 hours before departure: 150€.


The following are not refunded: the cost of this service, the file fee, the service fee and the penalty fee.


  • Offers subject to conditions and changes without notice, subject to availability, changeable at time of booking and non-refundable.

  • Services valid on the transatlantic network.

  •  This service is not available on flights operated under code share with French bee.


  • This service is offered for the refund of an initially non-refundable airline ticket prior to departure, regardless of the reason for cancellation and without the need to provide proof.


  • This service is valid for transatlantic flights, for one-way or round-trip travel and is only available when you purchase your airline ticket. 


  • Please note: For purchases paid in foreign currency, an additional local tax may be added to the amount of the products. For example, for departures from the Dominican Republic, the ITBIS tax of 18% is added to the selling price of our services.