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Guadeloupe Guide

On this butterfly island of the Lesser Antilles, it’s always the right season for swimming. On the land side, luxuriant nature surrounds the towns and villages, where Creole culture and traditions are upheld. A stay on Guadeloupe can combine relaxation and thrills, since the archipelago is not only brimming with pretty beaches but also renowned diving and surf spots.

Dream beaches at the foot of a tropical volcano 


Turquoise lagoons, coconut palms, and white sand... Grande-Terre is an invitation to relax. For its part, Basse-Terre, the wilder bit of the island, will thrill those who love nature and beautiful landscapes. Your trip to Guadeloupe will be your opportunity to explore unspoiled hamlets, tropical waterfalls, and, of course, la Soufrière volcano.

The archipelago is made up of quieter small islands: Marie-Galante, les Saintes, and La Désirade, which can be reached by boat.


Ample gastronomy


From seafood to pineapple or banana plantations, the archipelago is nourished by a veritable cornucopia. Sample the abundance of Antillaise cuisine: grilled lobsters and coconut blancmange will make your stay on Guadeloupe unforgettable.


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