Saint-Martin Guide

Saint-Martin Guide

Half-French, half-Dutch, Saint-Martin reveals its cosmopolitan face. In 1648, the colonists each peacefully allocated a section of the Antilles island to the other. The cohabitation of an array of populations over the centuries lends the island a unique character. Culture and a change of scene are at the heart of a trip to Saint-Martin.

The Victor Schœlcher Festival in Grand-Case: a celebration of freedom

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July 21 commemorates the birth of Victor Schœlcher (1804-1893), a politician who campaigned for the abolition of slavery. Victor Schœlcher's festival is celebrated in the streets of Grand-Case by the people of Saint Martin, all coming together for this public holiday.


The Victor Schœlcher Festival in Grand-Case is celebrated with a religious ceremony and a military parade, however celebrations are held throughout the city all day long. Cultural and sporting activities are held in symbolic locations throughout the city. Boating races take place off the coast and concerts invite the audience to discover Creole music.


The Victor Schœlcher Festival in Grand-Case remembers the year 1848, a major turning point in the history of the former French colonies. It was the year in which Victor Schœlcher put forward his decree for the definitive abolition of slavery to be signed by the government. On April 27, 1848, slavery was abolished for good.

Practical information

  • Dates: every 21st of July
  • Location: Grand-Case.
The Victor Schœlcher Festival in Grand-Case

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