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San Francisco Guide



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San Francisco, one of the world’s most beautiful cities


San Francisco is not only an American city in the state of California, but also a county. The city has an atmosphere that’s different than other cities in the United States, since it enjoys a remarkable geographic location between the eponymous bay and the Pacific Ocean. On the Pacific side, San Francisco is especially renowned for its oceanic climate, golden sun, and its legendary, iconic bridge. Golden Gate Bridge is one of the world’s most famous suspension bridges.


The United States’ third tourist destination

The city is enduringly famous for its cultural diversity, with the famous island and former prison of Alcatraz, and its Victorian houses. You will also be able to take the cable cars through the city, its hills, and its steep streets, exploring the numerous quarters that vary as much in terms of scenery and ambience as in terms of local population. In addition to the cable cars, urban transit is very efficient in San Francisco, bringing you to very many quarters where you will find a great diversity of scenery, ambiences, and local populations.


The City by the Bay and its climate

The City by the Bay is an evocative informal name favored by the bay’s inhabitants. The climate of San Francisco is a cool Mediterranean type; winter temperatures and precipitation are reminiscent of the Mediterranean climate. However, the summer is abnormally cold due to the fog that forms in San Francisco bay.

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Incredible cultural diversity
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