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Haïti Guide

Situated in the western part of Hispaniola, Haïti shares the island with the Dominican Republic. The Pearl of the Antilles is also made up of smaller islands (Tortuga Island, Île à Vache, etc.), every one of them just as beautiful. Your stay in Haïti will take place in sumptuous surroundings, edged by long expanses of sand one moment, and rugged cliffs the next.

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Explore the wild nature of Haiti


The diversity of landscapes is part of the charm of this land in the Greater Antilles. Its dense forests, rugged mountains, lush green plains, and paradise beaches abound in walks and sublime panoramas. Le Pic la Selle, culminating at almost 3 000 meters in altitude, overlooks the island.

Diving spots can be accessed throughout the archipelago. Less adventurous visitors to Haïti will enjoy a snorkeling session, an aquatic stroll with mask, snorkel, and fins along the coasts.


A tumultuous history

Haïti harbors architectural treasures built in the 19th century. Worth visiting during your stay on Haïti : the La Ferrière citadel and the Sans-Souci palace, in the Historic Natural Park of Milot, which are testimonies to the war of independence conducted by the Haitians.


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