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Dominican Republic Guide

The Dominican Republic shares a unique border with Haiti on the island of Hispaniola. This nature-filled Caribbean country boasts some undeniable features. From mountains covered in greenery to beaches lined with coconut trees, a trip to the Dominican Republic gives you the change to discover what is still the “best kept secret in the Caribbean”.

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A colorful and authentic world


The country abounds in national parks and reserves, protecting flora and fauna that can be observed during hikes. A trip to the Dominican Republic also allows you to enjoy the myriad beaches with their emerald waters. Horseback rides, kite surfing, diving... the array of leisure activities is wide.


Steeped in colonial history, the capital, Santo Domingo, merits an in-depth tour. Buildings dating from the 16th century still rise up in the old town, such as the Columbus Alcazar. Dominican towns are suffused with Arabic-Spanish influence.


A taster of paradise


Your stay in the Dominican Republic is synonymous with a culinary adventure. Bananas and kidney beans go into making bandera, a typical dish from the island. The national meal is sancocho, a meat stew accompanied by vegetables.


Vos voyages en République dominicaine à travers vos yeux...


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