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Cuba Guide

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Lapped by the Caribbean Sea, Cuba is the largest island of the Antilles and is located in the center of the archipelago. Long and narrow, its coasts offer you miles upon miles of fine sand and are dotted with little islands boasting paradise landscapes. The country’s vast plains, from which three mountain chains emerge, provide it with formidable natural resources. Its coral forests, which extend right along the insular platform, are inhabited by multicolored fish and are among the Caribbean’s most abundant reefs. For lovers of wild nature, the country still reveals a very large number of totally unspoiled beaches and coves.


Cuba: a cultural treasure


Cuba is also synonymous with an abundant colonial past which has left its mark on old Havana, but likewise Trinidad, Santiago, or Cienfuegos. So, allow yourself to be swept away by this ambience filled with music, cigars, and little American cars to secure some vivid memories after your trip to Cuba!


Vos voyages à Cuba à travers vos yeux...


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