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A Dubreuil group company

Air Caraïbes was founded in 2000 by Jean-Paul Dubreuil, founder and president of the French family group in his name. An aviation enthusiast, and private pilot himself, he created Air Vendée in 1974 which became Regional Airlines seven years later - an airline serving Europe from Paris and the rest of France. The commercial success of this business was commemorated in 1995 by the "European Regional Airline of the Year" award. This was followed by its inclusion in IPO the next year.


In 2000, when John Paul Dubreuil decides to sell his regional airline to Air France, he reinvested in the Caribbean and purchased Air Guadeloupe, renaming it Air Caraïbes. From then on, the company only served the Caribbean islands. In 2003, with the regional transport market becoming increasingly challenging, the Dubreuil Group decided to focus on the long-haul market - with the additional intention of bringing additional traffic to its regional network and thus giving the airline a new lease of life. In December of the same year Air Caraïbes launched its first flights between Paris and Martinique as well as Guadeloupe and Paris, with the Airbus 330. This marked the beginning of a new impetus for the airline!


Today´s leading group in the Vendée region in terms of turnover, the Dubreuil Group has heavily invested in distribution and diversified its activities into six business lines.

The group has nearly 4,200 employees and expects to achieve a turnover of 1.95 billion euros in 2018 (+14%). Air Caraïbes makes up one third of the Dubreuil Group’s activity.



The Dubreuil Group’s various companies are mainly located on the Atlantic coast, but also much further West, in the Caribbean, where the Air Caraïbes headquarters are located.

The Dubreuil Group owns more than 97% of Air Caraïbes capital, but 14% of the company's employees have also chosen to buy into the company's capital and also hold company shares.



  • 4200 employees,
  • 160 establishments,
  • Over 26 brands represented in Mainland France and the Caribbean.
  • A group invested in 6 business lines, mainly in distribution - automobile distribution, distribution of petroleum products and energy, distribution and rental of public construction equipment, distribution of agricultural equipment, but also in the hotel industry, in addition to air transport.
  • This family group has already gained significant experience in aviation through its airline Air Vendee (later Regional Airlines) - a company operating in Mainland France and Europe, sold to Air France in 2000.
  • In 2016, the Dubreuil Group added a new company to its air transport division: French bee. Sister company of Air Caraïbes, it is the first low-cost French company providing long-haul flights.
  • ​1.95 billion euros consolidated revenue planned for 2018 (+14%).


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