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About Air Caraïbes

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It's a great story that Air Caraïbes! It began in the year 2000 with the ambitious idea of creating a different company. A company with a strong personality, striking and distinctive. A company deeply rooted in its Caribbean origins, and which shares the same culture of hospitality and generosity. In short, a company which, like the Bondamanjak pepper, brings out the taste for travel!  

From the outset, Air Caraïbes has had a dual vocation: to be the link between the West Indies and Guyana, and more generally the Caribbean, via its regional network, and to extend this link beyond the Atlantic thanks to its transatlantic connections with Paris Orly airport. 

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Today, Air Caraïbes, a regular Caribbean airline company specialising in the Caribbean and Guyana, is the leading airline in the Caribbean and French Guiana:  

  • More than half of the staff are from the West Indies and Guyana.  
  • A head office based in Guadeloupe.  
  • Transatlantic and regional services to destinations in the Caribbean and French Guiana.  
  • A warm welcome on board with Caribbean musical sounds and announcements made in Creole.  
  • A choice of local products and dishes with Caribbean flavours (rum, planter, juice, chilli pepper...). 
  • A choice of entertainment linked to the Caribbean - Guyana (reading corner, press titles, concerts, artist albums, films, shows...).  


The airline that puts the spice in your vacation.


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The Bondamanjak pepper is one of the hottest in the world It is often used in Caribbean cuisine as a accompaniment. If you like how this sounds, why not come and experience it for yourself on one of our flights? 

Rich in diversity, the Caribbean offers you a huge offer of landscapes and cultures

Choosing to fly with Air Caraïbes unlocks a world of new discoveries and the best possible services, always with plenty of perks to boot. 


The company's core values


Pride of belonging 

Preserving the enthusiasm of its beginnings, Air Caraïbes embodies the difference by cultivating pride in its Caribbean roots which is an integral part of its values. It reflects the Caribbean spirit, its passions, its colours, its originality, its diversity, its generosity and its sense of hospitality and sharing. 



The spirit of the Caribbean and French Guyana is a spicy recipe of conviviality, exchanges, warmth and smiles, where the sense of welcome, proximity, simplicity and humility are deeply rooted in the company's roots. 



The taste for challenge, the desire to always surpass oneself, performance and team spirit are also core values for the colourful company. 



Being pioneers, anticipating, discovering and constantly proposing new advances to its passengers is also part of Air Caraïbes' DNA. Even today, the company is still driven by a real desire to innovate and a spirit of avant-garde. It was the first French airline company to bring into service the flagship of European aeronautics to serve its Paris <> Antilles and French Guiana routes : the Airbus A350 XWB (Extra Wide Body - Extra Wide Fuselage).  



Air Caraïbes is also a company committed to the preservation and protection of destinations served in the Caribbean and Guyana, with a modern fleet that is more environmentally friendly.

Cultivated over the years, these values allow the company to have a stronger geographical anchorage every day and unfailing links with its passengers.  
This is undoubtedly why you have chosen it. That's why you feel good, between the smiles of its teams on the ground and in the air and the promise of an enjoyable travel experience.


The airline’s network

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Air Caraïbes, a scheduled French airline specializing in the Caribbean and French Guiana, offers transatlantic flights between Paris Orly 4 and Guadeloupe (Pointe-à-Pitre), Martinique (Fort-de-France), French Guiana (Cayenne), Haiti (Port-au-Prince), Saint-Martin via Pointe-à-Pitre and Fort-de-France (Princess Juliana), the Dominican Republic (Punta Cana), the Bahamas (San Salvador and Nassau) and soon Mexico (Cancún).

The airline has adjusted the schedules of its regional network to offer passengers from mainland France quick connections via Guadeloupe and Martinique to all its destinations: Saint-Martin (Grand Case), Saint-Barthélemy (operated by St Barth Commuter) and the Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo).

Air Caraïbes also takes you to other horizons. In partnership with its sister airline French bee, you can fly to the United States (New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and soon Miami), Reunion (Saint-Denis) and French Polynesia (Papeete).

Air Caraïbes relies on a modern and efficient fleet of Airbus (A350 XWB and A330) and ATR 72-600 aircraft to operate its network.

Air Caraïbes is also the first French airline to connect the provinces and Belgium to the Caribbean - French Guiana via Paris Orly 4 thanks to the Train + Air eco-mobile solution.

The airline also offers an air-sea link to the islands of Marie-Galante, Les Saintes and Dominica with navigAIR.


Welcome on board!

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Air Caraïbes offers you the exclusivity of a 100% Caribbean atmosphere. As soon as you step on board, the tone is set: the warm welcome of its staff, the space and the comfort of its seats invite you to enjoy the gentlest of journeys.

A feeling of comfort that lasts the whole crossing thanks to the many attentions that its crews reserve for you on its transatlantic flights: a refined service of meals and drinks with the flavours of the islands and many distractions (free press, music, video games, recent films broadcast on individual screens for total viewing autonomy), without forgetting the well-stocked comfort kits, a blanket and a pillow. 

Welcome aboard this colourful Air Caraïbes flight!