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Situated in the north of the Caribbean Sea, the Bahamas archipelago is nonetheless considered part of the Caribbean. The Bahamas archipelago comprises around 700 islands and islets, the Lucayes islands situated in the Atlantic Ocean. With 60% of the country’s total population, New Providence is the most populous island of the Bahamas. This island is also where the capital of the Bahamas is found: Nassau, which is not only the country’s commercial and cultural center but also your destination departing Paris with Air Caraïbes. Its cathedrals, 18th-century fortresses, and Victorian homes perpetuate the colonial heritage.

Montpellier - Bahamas flight

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Below are our promotional offers for flights to the Bahamas departing from Montpellier (TGV railway station) and arriving in Nassau.


Thanks to our Air TGV offer, you can group together your train and plane ticket in one combined ticket. This saves you a considerable amount of time and money.
Your journey will start at the Montpellier TGV railway station where you will be swiftly transported by train to Paris. Once you arrive, a shuttle will take you to Paris-Orly Airport where you will catch your flight.


During your journey, you can watch your favorite movie or TV series on an LCD screen that is built in to every seat. You will have complete connectivity with our power points and USB connections allowing you to use your smartphone or cellphone as you wish. There is also Wi-Fi available on board.

Your flight will depart from Paris-Orly airport and land at Nassau airport. The average flight time for a Paris - Nassau flight is 10 hours.

Use our booking engine to check availability for this promotion and let us help you book your plane ticket to the Bahamas.

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