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Arc-en-Ciel on-board magazine

Health measures: Our in-flight magazine is currently not available on board our aircraft, but it will be back as soon as possible!

The Arc-En-Ciel in-flight magazine is offered to all passengers traveling on all Air Caraïbes transatlantic and regional networks.
With a layout that gives pride of place to illustrations and reflects the colorful codes and DNA of Air Caraïbes, the magazine is designed as an immersion in the destinations served by the airline.Music, literary, cultural and sports news are featured alongside in-depth articles, portraits and tips. A true practical guide, the magazine is designed with the help of journalists living and working in each of our destinations.

The number 97 is available on board 



The umbrellas are folded, the coolers are stored. It's back to school! However, this issue 97 invites you to take a trip off the beaten track.


Flip through our in-flight magazine now and experience our destinations from the comfort of your home.

In this issue, you will find, among others

  • Guadeloupe: vanilla in a bottle
  • Portfolio : Françoise Charrol
  • Martinique, fruit makes ideas ripen.
  • Guyana by Colin Niel
  • Saint-Martin: "I come for my guavaberry ! "
  • Tahiti: the incredible Polynesian underwater life
  • Aigues-Mortes, a living city
  • Paris seen from the sky


aec 97

Arc-en-Ciel is also available in digital version on touch screens on board transatlantic flights and for download on the airline's free iZiPress application.


We invite you to discover or re-read the entire collection of our in-flight magazine from the comfort of your home!


AEC 93

Arc-en-Ciel 93
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Arc-en-Ciel 92
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Arc-en-Ciel 91
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AEC 90

Arc-en-Ciel 90
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AEC 89

Arc-en-Ciel 89
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AEC 88

Arc-en-Ciel 88
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AEC 87

Arc-en-Ciel 87
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AEC 86

Arc-en-Ciel 86
Saint-Martin smile again


AEC 85

Arc-en-Ciel 85
Between sky and sea





AEC 84

Arc-en-Ciel 84
Fodfwans, the beloved of Césaire




AEC 83

Arc-en-Ciel 83
La Zona Colonial,
the invention of the new world