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Saint-Martin Guide

Half-French, half-Dutch, Saint-Martin reveals its cosmopolitan face. In 1648, the colonists each peacefully allocated a section of the Antilles island to the other. The cohabitation of an array of populations over the centuries lends the island a unique character. Culture and a change of scene are at the heart of a trip to Saint-Martin.

Grand-Case, a jewel nestled between two hills

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Sitting right by the Caribbean Sea, Grand-Case is the self-proclaimed capital of Saint Martin gastronomy. Many prestigious restaurants have open their doors here. However, this village has even more to offer visitors!


Its colorful houses, churches and temples are characteristic of the island. This architectural style is the result of the combination of Creole traditions and European influences. Grand-Case Beach is a tombolo, a spit that connects the First Stick Hill to Smith Hill. Its crystal-clear waters and white sands make up a paradisiacal landscape. From the village, you can take a glass-bottom boat trip to observe underwater species.


An vacation in Grand-Case means a vacation for your taste buds. The richness of local products awakens the senses. Accras de morue (cod fritters) and other sweet potato fritters are among the most popular components of Creole cuisine. Guavaberry, a berry-based liqueur, is a specialty of the island. 

Grand-Case, a jewel nestled between two hills
Round trip Departure Paris ORY Arrival Saint-Martin - Juliana SXM
Flying from 632Including taxes

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