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General terms and conditions - Oney



Our partner Oney Bank offers you a financing solution called 3x 4x Oney, which allows you to pay your purchases from 100€ to 6000€* in 3 or 4 times with your credit card.
* For Cayenne the maximum amount of the order is 4000€.



This offer is reserved for private individuals (individuals over the age of majority) residing in France and holders of a Visa and MasterCard with a validity date greater than the term of the financing chosen. Systematically authorized cards such as Electron, Maestro, Nickel etc... as well as e-cards, Indigo and American Express cards are not accepted.




After completing your order, simply click on the "3x 4x Oney credit card payment button".

You are then redirected to the 3x 4x Oney web page of our partner displaying the detailed summary of your order and the personalized financing request, which you must then validate.

You enter your personal information or, if you have a 3x 4x Oney account, you identify yourself using the login credentials linked to your 3x 4x Oney account. You read the general terms and conditions of payment in installments to which you wish to subscribe, which are provided to you in PDF format so that you can read, print and save them before accepting them.

You then notify your electronic acceptance by ticking the corresponding checkbox.

You acknowledge that the "double click" associated with the checkbox on the general terms and conditions is your consent to enter into a contract and constitutes irrevocable and unconditional acceptance of the general terms and conditions of the product.

In the absence of proof to the contrary, the data recorded by Oney Bank constitutes proof of all transactions between you and Oney Bank.

If you apply for a financing solution offered by Oney Bank, the information relating to your order will be transmitted to Oney Bank, which will use it for the purpose of studying your application for the granting, management and collection of credit.

Oney Bank reserves the right to accept or decline your application for 3x 4x Oney financing. You have a 14-day cooling-off period to cancel your credit.




The payment in 3 or 4 times by credit card allows you to pay the order made on our website in the following way:

a mandatory contribution, debited on the day of confirmation of the shipment of your order; two or three monthly payments, each corresponding to a third or a quarter of the order, debited at 30 and 60 days after for the 3 times and at 30, 60 and 90 days after for the 4 times, which include fees corresponding to 1.45% of the total amount of the order for a 3 times and 2.2% for a 4 times (within the limit of 15€ maximum for a payment in 3 times and 30€ maximum for a 4 times).


• The payment in 3 times from 100€ of purchase and up to 6000€.

Example: for a purchase of 150€, contribution of 52,18€ then 2 monthly payments of 50€.

Credit for a period of 2 months at a fixed rate of 19.26%. Cost of financing: 2.18€ up to a maximum of 15€.

• Payment in 4 installments from 100€ purchase and up to 6000€.

Example: For a purchase of 400€, contribution of 108,80€ then 3 monthly payments of 100€.

Credit over 3 months at a fixed APR of 19.31%. Cost of financing: €8.80 up to a maximum of €30.

Special conditions for one-off promotional offers:
For payment in 3 installments at no charge: the cost of financing is 0% of the total amount of the order.
Example for a purchase of 150€, contribution of 50€, then 2 monthly installments of 50€, Credit for a period of 2 months with a fixed APR of 0%. Cost of financing: 0€ For payment in 4 installments without fees: the cost of financing is 0% of the total amount of the order. Example for a purchase of 400€, contribution of 100€, followed by 3 monthly installments of 100€. Credit for a period of 3 months with a fixed APR of 0%. Cost of financing :0€.

​Oney Bank - SA au capital de 51 286 585 € - Head office : 34 avenue de Flandre 59170 CROIX - RCS Lille Métropole 546 380 197 - n° Orias : 07 023 261 - - Correspondence: CS 60006 - 59 895 Lille Cedex 9 -


Withdrawal :

For an ONEY payment in 3 or 4 times by credit card, the Passenger has a legal withdrawal period of 14 calendar days as from his/her acceptance of our partner's general terms and conditions. If the Passenger renounces his/her credit, the transport service will be due to Air Caraïbes. The Passenger will then have to settle his/her travel file directly to Air Caraïbes under the conditions and according to the modalities stipulated in the heading "Payment of your order: methods, security and controls" of the general conditions of sale of Air Caraïbes.

In case of modification of the transport service at the initiative of the Passenger : the Passenger will be held to pay in cash any additional costs directly to Air Caraïbes and/or its external service providers in accordance with the tariff conditions provided by Air Caraïbes. In this hypothesis, the amount of the remaining monthly installments will continue to be taken on the due dates initially planned.


In case of cancellation of all or part of the trip :


  1. In case of total cancellation of the trip (outward and return) by Air Caraïbes :

In case of cancellation of the trip in accordance with the general conditions of sale of Air Caraïbes, the credit will be cancelled. Our partner Oney Bank will then refund the Passenger the totality of the sums collected in accordance with the general terms and conditions of sale and the methods of refund of Air Caraïbes.

  1. In case of partial cancellation (either the outward or return trip) by Air Caraïbes:

In the event that only a part of the transportation service is cancelled, the credit will either be modified with regard to the new amount of the ticket, thus reducing the duration of the refund and/or the amount of the last monthly payment, or cancelled. The interest due at the date of partial cancellation will remain due by the Passenger.

 The Passenger will be notified by e-mail of the new credit terms and conditions, including in particular the amount of the new monthly instalments and their dates of payment. The amount of the credit card withdrawals will be adjusted accordingly.


Dispute of payment after issue

In the event of rejection, default or dispute of payment of part or all of the sums due to Air Caraïbes and this, subsequent to the issuance of the ticket, the said ticket will be automatically cancelled and the passenger will be refused carriage. Air Caraïbes reserves the right to take any legal action against a Passenger who has fraudulently acquired his/her Ticket.