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Saint Lucia Guide

Located just south of Martinique, this small island has the Caribbean sea on its west coast and the Atlantic ocean on its east coast and is packed with idyllic beaches. A trip to Saint Lucia provides the perfect mix of relaxation and water sports. But that’s not its only selling points. Saint Lucia, part of the Windward Islands, is also a volcanic island covered in lush rainforests, making it a playground for nature lovers.

Fort-de-France - Castries > Sainte-Lucie flights

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Nous ne desservons temporairement plus cette destination, mais vous pouvez trouver nos vols à proximité : Vol à destination de la dominique

Below are our promotional offers for flights between Fort-de-France (in Martinique) and Castries (in Saint Lucia).

Your flight will depart from Aimé Césaire International Airport (in Martinique) and land at George F. L. International Airport. Charles (in Saint Lucia) The average flight time between Fort-de-France (in Martinique) and Castries (Saint Lucia) is 20 minutes.

Use our booking engine to check availability for this promotion and let us help you book your plane ticket.

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Vol Fort-de-France - Castries > Sainte-Lucie