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Flexil card

Do you travel more than once a year?



Discover the Flexil subscription card.
This card has been specifically designed for frequent travelers who will benefit from discounts and exclusive services.

Carte Flexil



From September 7 to October 7, 2020, enjoy
a special offer to facilitate your travels.

-10%(1) on your Flexil subscription!
180 € TTC instead of 200 € TTC


Fill up with benefits 

The Flexil card offers you a subscriber status on the entire Air Caraïbes network, both on regional and transatlantic flights.


  • Valid for 1 year on the entire Air Caraïbes network.
  • Benefit from discounts based on flexible fares.
    - On the regional, up to 35% discount.
    - On transatlantic flights, up to 15% discount in Caribbean and Madras class. . 
  • Tickets can be modified and refunded at no charge.
  • At the airports, a dedicated counter in Guadeloupe and Martinique to check in for your regional flights, and access to the Madras/ subscriber counter to check in for your transatlantic flights. 
  • Priority on waiting lists when needed 
  • Additional baggage allowance available with your membership card and depending on your status:
    - A 3rd piece of luggage weighing 23 kg in Caribbean Class.
    - A 3rd baggage item of 32 kg in Madras Class. 
    - A baggage allowance of 30 kg on the Regional (divided into a maximum of one or two pieces of luggage).
  • 50% more bonus miles for each of your trips on our regional network.Don't forget to give your Flexil card number each time you travel (when you book your tickets, at the Air Caraïbes counters when you check in) in order to collect miles and benefit from the advantages linked to your subscriber status.
  • Totally autonomous, you have access to your online subscriber space, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, to make your own reservations.      
  • A telephone line is dedicated to you for all your requests for information and assistance if needed.


  • Be at least 12 years old.

  • The card is valid for 1 year and is non-refundable.

  • Subscriber benefits are applicable only when the subscriber fare has been paid.

  • In case of non-renewal, the miles accumulated on your Flexil subscription card remain active on your Preference loyalty card.

    (1) Commercial offer subject to conditions. 

How to buy it?


  • Go to one of our points of sale. 
  • At your usual travel agency.
  • Or directly from our Preference reservation center. Cartouche call center