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Essential Documents

Before departure, the traveler must make sure to be in possession of all necessary travel documents when passing border controls in the country of departure, arrival and during transit if necessary. It is the sole responsibility of the traveler to ensure their relevance and validity according to the laws and regulations in force and to request, if necessary, their renewal within the required deadlines. 

In order to facilitate registration procedures, we recommend that travelers bring a valid passport for travel. Some countries may require (without the list being exhaustive), a valid passport, a visa, proof of parentage, health and customs documents, proof of adequate insurance, hotel reservations or accommodation certificates as well as minimum means of subsistence and proof (ticket or certificate of departure from the destination).


The travelers may consult the IATA Travel Center to check the document requirements that apply to them.

It is possible that the information contained on the IATA Travel Center website may be erroneous or incomplete. As a result, Air Caraïbes declines all responsibility regarding the use of the IATA Travel Center’s services. Therefore we recommend that travelers consult the consular authorities or any other competent authority in order to prepare the list of documents they will need for their trip. If they do not possess all required documents, Air Caraïbes reserves the right to refuse to transport a passenger.

Air Caraïbes is not responsible for verifying the completeness of travel documentation, consequently the transit or destination country may immediately send a traveler back to their country of departure if they are not in compliance with the document requirements of said country.  The traveler must likewise discharge all fees or fines that may be imposed on Air Caraibes due to his transport and resulting from the absence of one or more of the documents required by the country of departure, transit or arrival.

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