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An island in French Polynesia situated in the south of the Pacific Ocean, Tahiti is a high and mountainous island of volcanic origin made up of two sections, Tahiti Nui, the larger part, and Tahiti Iti. It should be noted that French Polynesia brings together 118 islands, of which 76 are inhabited and separated into archipelagos. Tahiti is one of the islands of the la Société archipelago. With a surface area of 647.5 square miles and more than 200 000 inhabitants, Tahiti is the largest and most populous of the French Polynesia islands. A trip to Tahiti will bring you encounters with an incredible landscape.

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In the heart of the Antilles, Guadeloupe earned its nickname of “the island of beautiful waters” because of the warm Caribbean sea. Its tropical climate makes Pointe-à-Pitre, a port town between Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre, the ideal place to discover the right history of this French department. You will always have something to do, including visiting historical monuments and tasting the spicy cuisine (rum, accras, flan de coco, etc.).

Located more than 6214 miles from Guadeloupe, Tahiti offers crystal-clear lagoons and volcanic mountains in the heart of the Pacific. The capital of this perfect dream location is the exquisite Papeete. It will charm you with its famous market, traditional crafts and flavored culinary heritage. Of course, there is also its many waterfalls and hiking trails in the Fautaua Valley.

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