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TRIP TO GUYANA, STRAIGHT TO THE HEART OF TROPICAL NATURE Between Brazil and Suriname, and edged by the Atlantic Ocean, Guyana is a French enclave on the South American continent. This overseas department is for the most part covered with Amazonian forest. Exuberant nature and enriching encounters: a stay on Guyana offers a guaranteed total change of scene. Exploring the French Amazon An adventure destination, Guyana is above all a region where nature reigns supreme. The dense tropical forest, protected by nature reserves, is home to a rich and unique biodiversity. Oyapock, Maroni, and Sinnamary, the rivers form the main traffic axes within the territory: your trip to Guyana will be your opportunity to get a taster of canoeing. Cross-fertilizing cultures The towns, such as Cayenne, the chief location, are concentrated on the coast and testify to the diversity of Native American, Bushinengue, or Creole populations and cultures. No stay on Guyana would be complete without a detour via Kourou and its famous Space Center, the site of Ariane rocket launches.

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The islands of French Guyana

While Guyana's coastline and interior are bustling with activity, the region also has many islands to discover. The Salvation Islands are among the must-see places to visit during your stay in Guyana. There are three islands of volcanic origin, Île Royale, Île Saint Joseph and Devil's Island. Located off the coast of Kourou, where the space center and the space museum are located, it is possible to reach these islands by catamaran. With its transparent waters, it is a great place for swimming, but you can also explore the prison buildings dating back to the time of the penal colony.

Don't hesitate either to go to the ilet la Mère, off Cayenne and Rémire-Montjoly. You will be able to observe the saïmiri monkeys. To discover French.


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