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You are currently visiting the English version of Air Caraïbes website. Maybe another version will be more suited to your needs?

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Booking my seat

What’s the procedure?

With or without extra charge, we all have different ideas about the perfect seat to travel in. Follow our tips and guidelines to help you choose your perfect seat, depending on your needs.

Seat choice is available for these customers:

Passengers with reduced mobility
Unaccompanied minors
Préférence Diamant and Gold
Silver +
Handicapped, reduced mobility

Choice of seat free of charge for persons with reduced mobility (except for WCHR).


Choice of seat free of charge for unaccompanied minors
(UM, not available on

Baby pictogram

Choice of seat free of charge for passengers accompanied by a baby
(adult and baby booked in the same booking folder)

Coming Soon

Coming Soon


Do you know about our Top Seat option? Travel in total comfort and enjoy one of the best seats in the plane.

  • In Caraïbes class: facing the partition with extra legroom. €60 per seat each way.
  • In Soleil Class: near the window or aisle. €60 per seat each way.


Save time

For departure with total peace of mind*...


*Service available from 48 hours prior to your departure

Your questions

Which customers may not book seats?
  • Persons with reduced mobility (traveling with an animal or not)
  • Pregnant women
  • Babies and children up to 11 years inclusive
  • Children traveling alone (UM)
  • Passengers traveling with an animal in the cabin
  • Passengers whose body mass (waist measurement greater than 53 inches) could hamper passengers’ access to the emergency exits
  • Persons not having command of either French or English.