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Booking and payment methods

Because your happiness is our main concern, Air Caraïbes offers you a wide choice of payment methods to pay for your purchases:


  • Pay online (on our website
    Your online payment is totally secure: when you pay by credit or debit card, your payment details are encrypted and sent via a secure connection using the latest technology. The encryption of information transmitted online, such as credit or debit card numbers, is carried out according to the highest encryption standard: SSL (Secure Socket Layer).
     Payment methods
  • At our points of sale, the authorized payment methods are: credit or debit card, American Express, cash, and holiday vouchers. LADOM vouchers can only be used at points of sale in the West Indies and French Guiana.

Verification of payment methods

Extract from the company's general terms and conditions of sale, article VII 2:

(a) Controls and checks on banking transactions

The carrier reserves the right to carry out checks and verifications on remote banking transactions at any time.

The bank card used to pay for the order may be requested for verification during check-in. This measure is intended to prevent any risk of fraudulent use of the bank card by a third party without the cardholder's knowledge.

The Carrier may be required to contact the buyer and/or request from them, by any means whatsoever, via the contact details provided during the Booking, the following documents:
- a legible copy of the front of the credit or debit card used to pay for the tickets, showing the first and last 4 digits of the card number, the expiry date and the name of the cardholder (photocopy or photo);
- a legible copy of the identity document of the cardholder and the passenger.

The supporting documents requested must be sent as soon as possible to the Carrier's fraud prevention department at the following address: or presented at an AIR CARAÏBES sales outlet or at the check-in desk on the day of departure.

The Passenger's Ticket will be suspended by the Carrier until the requested documents are provided.

The Company undertakes to destroy all such documents within twelve (12) months of the Passenger's return flight.

The Carrier reserves the right to cancel the Passenger's booking and tickets in the following cases:
- failure to provide the documents specified above;
- receipt of documents that are invalid or suggest a risk of fraudulent use of the bank card;
- absence of a response from the buyer or inability to contact the buyer within 48 hours of booking.

(b) If a reservation is made for a third party

The passenger must present the following specified documents:

- a legible copy of the front of the credit or debit card used to pay for the tickets, showing the first and last 4 digits of the card number, the expiry date and the name of the cardholder (photocopy or photo);
- a legible copy of the identity document of the cardholder and the passenger.

Failing this, or in the event of presentation of documents deemed non-compliant, the Carrier reserves the right withhold the Passenger’s boarding pass for safety reasons. This is a security measure to prevent fraudulent use of bank cards by a third party.



Issuance, modification and refund fees

Issuance costs

Ticket purchased online at and at m.aircaraibes.comTicket purchased by phoneTicket purchased in Air Caraïbes agency
Medium haul€0€15€30
  • 1€ (Soleil Basic & Soleil Smart) 
  • 5€ (Soleil Flex)
  • 10€ (Caraïbes & Madras starting 07/04)

Additional services
Sports equipment, additional baggage, seats, special meals, pets in the cabin, etc.


*These fees only apply if the additional service is not purchased at the time of ticket purchase.

Modification fees

Ticket modified on www.aircaraibes.comTicket modified by telephoneTicket modified in Air Caraïbes agency
Ticket purchased from Air Caraïbes€0€10
Tickets purchased from travel agencies or third party websites€30


Ticket modified by telephoneTicket modified in Air Caraïbes agency
Ticket purchased from Air CaraïbesNo charge
Tickets purchased from travel agencies or third party websitesThe refund request must be made directly at the agency or on the website where the ticket was purchased.

FAQ “Booking and payment methods”

I want to fly back from another destination, what should I do?

You can book a multi-destination ticket directly on our website. You can also pay for your ticket in instalments, pay for each flight separately, or via our booking center on VAS number

  or at your usual point of sale.

How many passengers can be included in the same booking?

You can make an online reservation for up to 9 passengers.
For more than 9 passengers, you must make a request to our Group Service.

I want to make a booking for a child traveling alone, how can I make my booking online?

UM (Unaccompanied Minor) bookings are not available on www.aircaraï you can make your booking at one of our points of sale, at your usual travel agency or by contacting our booking centre on VAS number

How and where can I buy an Open ticket?

OPEN tickets are only available at our points of sale, at full price. Get in touch with our sales team for more information.

Can I pay for my flights in instalments?

Payment in instalments is available at our website For more information click here.

My payment wasn’t accepted, how do I finalize my booking?

Verify that the information you have entered is correct (card number, expiration date and security code).
Check you payment has not been declined by contacting your bank.
Check that your card is accepted by our website (ELECTRON and associated cards are not accepted, as well as some foreign credit card types).
If you are still unable to carry out your purchase online, please head to one of our points of sale or get in touch with our booking center on 0820 835 835 (€0.12/min) so one of our advisors can assist you.

I just made a reservation on your website but I haven’t received my booking confirmation, what should I do?

For all booking made on our website, two documents are sent to you by mail: your booking confirmation and your e-ticket including the details of your purchase.
These 2 emails can take anywhere between a few minutes and a few hours to arrive. If you have not received any such emails within this time limit, and you have checked all your email folders including spam, contact us.

Why is my ticket more expensive than it was this morning? Do you use IP Tracking?

No, Air Caraïbes doesn’t use IP Tracking.
Some personal data may be temporarily collected and stored directly by cookies when using our site but this data is only used to improve your user experience (pre-filling search fields, etc.) and will not influence the price of your ticket. We make the secure handling of your personal data our priority and our teams always handle your data responsibly; we only use your data to improve your experience and not for lucrative purposes.
More information on data collection and use

It should also be noted that it is technically impossible for to modify flight prices based on your IP address. Our flight prices are set in advance by our teams responsible for filling our flights (yield management) and these are made available to all resellers in a shared database. With every buyer request (on, at travel agencies, on comparison websites...) we automatically offer the lowest available price. If another passenger has just booked the flight at the lowest price, the next customer will be offered the next best price (as long as there are still seats left for this flight). Only the service charges will vary from vendor to vendor, those applicable on are shown during step 3.
Whenever you make a booking on our site, and you have passed step 3, the air fare is reserved for a few minutes, allowing you to finalize your booking. As a result, if you exit and re-enter the transaction immediately, the displayed fare level may be higher (since the lowest price has been "pre-booked" for a few minutes). You will have to wait until the other price is released again, at the risk that another buyer will be faster than you.

How late can I book my flight?

On the,you can make a reservation up to the day before flight departure. At travel agencies and via our booking center, you can book your ticket up to 1 hour before flight departure.

How are booking fees applied when making a reservation?

Booking fees are applied per passenger and are indicated in your booking.