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Air Caraïbes key figures

  • Total passengers in 2021: 885,071
  • Turnover in 2021: 292 million euros 
  • Number of employees in 2021: 1,144
    • 397 Ground staff
    • 604 Cabin crew 
    • 143 Flight crew 
  • Number of aircraft in 2022: 12









Foundation of Air Caraïbes

July 16
Introduction of first ATR 72-500 (F-OIJH now removed from fleet).

December 12
Launch of transatlantic flights Paris <> Antilles and introduction of the first Airbus A330-200 (F-DPTP now retired).


February 7
Introduction of second A330-200 Airbus (F-OFDF).


June 28
Introduction of the first A330-300 Airbus (F-ORLY).

December 21
Introduction of the second ATR 72-500 (F-OIJK)..


December 15
Inaugural flight of the Paris <> Cayenne (French Guiana) line, introduction of the second A330-300 Airbus (F-OONE).


June 18
Introduction of the third A330-300 Airbus (F-GOTO).

November 23
Launch of TGV AIR service connecting mainland France to the Caribbean.

December 12
Inaugural flights of the Paris <> Saint-Martin and Paris <> Port-au-Prince (Haïti) lines.

December 24
Introduction of the third ATR 72-500 (F-OIXL). 


November 25
Introduction of the fourth A330-300 Airbus (F-HPTP).


March 25
Inaugural flight of the Paris <> Saint-Domingue (Dominican republic) line.


November 1
Launch of the NavigAIR air-sea connection to Marie Galante.


November 10
Inaugural flight of the Paris <> San Salvador (Bahamas) line.

December 9
Inaugural flight of the Paris <> Havana (Cuba) line.

December 12
Delivery of the first ATR 72-600 (F-OSIX).


January 26
Delivery of the new A330-200 Airbus (F-HHUB).

​​​​​​​February 28
Introduction of the first A350-900 Airbus (F-HHAV).

​​​​​​​March 27
Delivery of the second A350-900 Airbus (F-HNET).

June 16
Introduction of the Paris <> Punta Cana (Dominican republic) line.
Launch of the line to Saint-Denis (Reunion island) in code share with French bee.

December 10
Launch of NavigAIR air-sea connections to Les Saintes and La Dominique.

​​​​​​​December 12 
Delivery of a new ATR 72-600 (F-OSIV).


May 11
Introduction of line to San Francisco (California) and Papeete (Tahiti - Polynesia) in code share with French bee.

End of 2018
Cabin refurbishment of the A330 fleet completed.


July 25
Delivery of the third A350-900 Airbus (F-HTRE). 

December 17
Delivery of the third ATR 72-600 (F-OSIT). 

December 19 
Delivery of the first A350-1000 Airbus A350-1000 (F-HMIL).