This page is not a help page.

It aims to present Air Caraïbes' commitments in terms of digital accessibility, and then to define the level of compliance of this site with the regulations and standards in force.

What is digital accessibility?

Digital accessibility is a set of rules and best practices covering functional, graphic, technical and editorial aspects.

Following these rules and best practices ensures that digital media (websites, mobile applications, PDF documents, etc.) are accessible to people with disabilities. 

For example, an accessible site enables you to:

  • Customize its display via the operating system and/or browser (enlarge or shrink characters, change typography, modify colors, stop animations, etc.).
  • Navigate using assistive technologies such as text-to-speech or Braille.
  • Navigate without using the mouse, using the keyboard only, switches or a touch screen.
  • Consult video and audio content using subtitles and/or transcriptions.
  • Etc.

Digital accessibility commitments

Air Caraïbes undertakes to make its websites (internet, intranet and extranet), mobile applications, software packages and digital street furniture accessible in accordance with article 47 of French law no. 2005-102 of February 11, 2005.

Declaration of conformity to the RGAA

This declaration applies to the "aircaraï" website.

Compliance status

An RGAA audit is in progress. The compliance status of this site will be published on this page shortly.

Establishment of this declaration

This declaration was drawn up on 03/11/2023 and will be updated once the RGAA compliance audit has been completed.

Feedback and contact
If you are unable to access any content or service on this site, you can contact us via one of the means below to be directed to an accessible alternative or obtain the content in another form.

Send us a message via https://aircaraï
Write to us by post at the following address Air Caraïbes - Parc d'activités de la Providence - 97139 Les Abymes - Guadeloupe


This procedure should be used in the following case.

You have notified the website manager of a lack of accessibility that is preventing you from accessing content or one of the services and you have not received a satisfactory response.